hey again, internet user !

I'm Naël Mahouton. I don't usually say this, but Naël's just a short for Nathanaël, my actual name. 😅

about me

👨🏽‍💻 I'm a product designer & indie hacker with some background in branding, graphic design and computer programming. 🎓 I stumbled into design while studying software engineering. At the time, I decided the best way to practice my design skills was to build side projects, leading to a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. 🌳 I'm a self-taught pretty much everything, from current professional skills to a fluent English and a bit of Spanish. I love learning new things and experimenting to figure stuff out. 💕 I got many other passions than products. Some I am practicing now and improving at, like mobile photography. Others that are still dreams or projects for the future like : writing short stories, writing poetry, making music, playing the Ukulele, learning Japanese. Hopefully someday, I'll get to them. 😌

find me on the internet

I'm mostly anti social media, but I do use a lot of it to practice/share my other passions.

Naël Mahouton

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